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Classic Heat Source – Pellet Stoves, Wood Stoves and Gas Stoves in Portland


Classic Heat Source is a locally owned and operated specialty store that was founded on the principal of knowledgeable, old fashioned and personalized service. We are NOT a “franchise” store or part of any multi conglomerate chain store whose profits are sent out of the area in a group of investors. We are locally owned and operated right in the Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon. The founder and general manager, Fred Kirkpatrick, started in the hearth products industry in 1977 and is a member of the Oregon Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association. He has been responsible for product development and safety testing of several different hearth products including woodstoves, factory built (zero clearance) fireplaces, electrical components and chimney liners. Under his direct supervision, these products successfully completed International design standards and safety testing requirements at testing facilities including: Underwriters Laboratories, Warnook Hersey International (Intertek), Omni Environmental Services, and Terra Labs Inc. It is important to note that Classic Heat Source only sells Hearth and BBQ related products. We do not sell hot tubs, cowboy hats, horse shoes, pig chow, fence posts or a million other non Hearth related products. We are a Professional Hearth Outlet.

Remember the wise the old saying: “A jack of all trades is a master of none”!


Wide Selection and Friendly Staff

Our selection of wood stoves, pellet stoves , gas burning appliances, barbecue grills are some of the finest in the Pacific Northwest. Our friendly and experienced staff can give you ideas on which stove, fireplace or other heat source may be right for you. The dedicated staff at Classic Heat Source can also assist you with product selection and installation planning. Whether you are seeking ambiance, functionality, or both, we can help you make the best decision. In addition to our expanding choice of products and in-house showroom, Classic Heat Source shares an office with a sister company, Chim-Pro, Co. which is a state licensed and bonded contractor (CCB60969) that offers a highly trained service department for all your installation and maintenance needs.

Free Home Consultations

Homes are different and people are different. Therefore, it only stands to reason that peoples needs will be different. That’s why we offer free in home consultations. You will get one-on-one experienced service with a “locals” feel with Classic Heat Source. Purchasing just any stove or fireplace is easy. Making sure that you purchase the best hearth product for your particular application is a job that only someone with knowledge and experience can help you with. After all, 25 years of content and satisfied customers are how we stay in business.

Decades of Experience

The unique technical experience and knowledgeable background of our owner, enables Classic Heat Source to provide you with accurate and in depth information you will need to make an informed decision when purchasing a hearth product. We can advise you on appropriate product selection, performance details, local building code requirements, and all aspects of installation specific to your home. The experience at Classic Heat Source allows us to safely accommodate unusual, odd and difficult requests that many competitors shy away from. If someone tells you it can’t be done, come see us. Quite often we can make it happen, safely, within budget and according to local and state building codes.

Visit Our Showroom Today

We invite you to see the beautiful fires burning in our Portland, Oregon showroom! Classic Heat Source carries a variety of stoves and fireplaces, but also has a wide selection of barbecue grills, fireplace inserts, firelogs, hardwood BBQ pellets and pellet fuel, among other items. Our showroom has several products directly on display to get a first hand look at which stove or fireplace might look best in your home. We are located at 18340 S.E. Burnside in Portland Oregon. If you have any questions or want more information, feel free to contact us by phone at 503-669-7200 or send us an email via the contact page.


Classic Heat Source Inc
18430 E Burnside Street
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Phone: (503) 669-7200
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