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Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets


Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets

$18.99 $15.99

Comes in 8 Flavors:

  1. Texas Mesquite BBQ Pellets
  2. Cascade Alder BBQ Pellets
  3. American Hickory BBQ Pellets
  4. Washington Apple BBQ Pellets
  5. Hood River Cherry BBQ Pellets
  6. Classic Oak BBQ Pellets
  7. Smokehouse Maple BBQ Pellets
  8. Southern Pecan BBQ Pellets
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bearmountain-adBear Mountain BBQ pellets are made from 100% natural hardwoods, with NO binders, waxes or unknown “secret ingredient.” They are flavored with 100% REAL hardwoods, not oils or additives and can be used on ALL outdoor BBQ grills, gas grills, charcoal grills, and of course the SMOKE CHIEF. Our BBQ pellets are famous for their quality and consistency so that you know each time you make your favorite recipe, it’s going to have the same great taste you have come to expect.

“Bear Mountain Hardwood BBQ Pellets… the ones Mr. BBQ uses!”

We stand behind our products and the quality with which they are made. As industry leaders in manufacturing BBQ pellets, we continually exceed industry standards in providing our customers the best products on the market. Shop with confidence in knowing you’re getting the best in quality.

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Texas Mesquite BBQ Pellets, Cascade Alder BBQ Pellets, American Hickory BBQ Pellets, Washington Apple BBQ Pellets, Hood River Cherry BBQ Pellets, Classic Oak BBQ Pellets, Smokehouse Maple BBQ Pellets, Southern Pecan BBQ Pellets


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